Daniel weds Ella

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Meet Daniel and Ella Otali, the couple where wedded at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church, Ewet, Uyo on Saturday 29, August 2020. Mr. Daniel is a Laboratory Scientist, while Ella is a Business Woman. The hubby hails from Delta State, while the wife is from Akwa Ibom, and they currently reside in Lagos.

How did you meet?

The couple said they met through a mutual friend, but didn’t describe the occasion that brought them together.What attracted you to each other?

What attracted you to each other?

Ella said it was the peace she felt within herself, while the hubby didn’t say.

What made you eventually fall in love with each other?

The couple said they simply connected with each other, although they admit there is something in particular which they’re not yet able to point out.

Who’s the better cook and what’s your best meal?

Ella said she cooks better, and between them, there’s no favourite meal.

What attribute do you share in common?

The couple said they share a common belief system, like the belief that “life is in stages and everything will happen in its own time”.

Who’s most likely to run to the gym?

Ella believes she is most likely to visit the gym, arguing that, while she is eagerly preparing for registration at a nearby centre, her hubby is not even considering the idea.

Who is most likely to suggest going out together?

Daniel said he is an introvert and so, his wife is most likely to bring up to idea of going out.

Who first introduced the other to a family member?

Ella said she first introduced her man to a member of her family, but didn’t say if it’s her brother, sister or parent.

How did he propose and do you think he should have done it differently?

Ella said her hubby proposed in the house, in her own words “it was cool… he tried”, but she didn’t say which person’s house it was.

Describe your honeymoon and how long

The couple said there was no honeymoon, in their own words, it was a “Stayhome moon”

What are your hubbies, turn-on and offs?

Daniel and Ella at their traditional wedding

The couple said lies and trying to play smart turns them off, and they don’t have any particular hubby.

Who thinks of having the most kids?

Ella said her husband wants more kids and has not explained his reasons.

What is your love language, the way you communicate with each other that others don’t understand except the two of you?

The couple said they try to understand each other’s moods. In their own words, “we have a perfect understanding about things”.

What do you do for a living?

The couple said they are both business partners, but the hubby is specifically a Lab Scientist..

Who makes the most money?

The Ella said her hubby does.

How long was your courtship/dating?

The couple said they courted happily for 2 years.

Describe the most memorable event that occurred during your courtship/dating aside the proposal?

Neither of the couple could remember, lol. Guess they enjoyed everything.

How do you end an argument?

The couple said they look for the root of the argument, come to an agreement and apologize.

Who is most likely to discipline the kids/family members?

The couple said they are both likely to discipline erring offspring or family members.

Was there a moment you felt like quitting your relationship, if yes, why?

Ella said Yes, but didn’t go further to describe.

Who’s most likely to call or visit the in-laws?

Ella said she is.

How do you manage your anger?

According to Ella, she remains silent and allow hubby speak out his mind

Who is the better lover and most romantic?

The couple said they are both great lovers and equally romantic.

Who is most likely to win a debate on “what to buy”?

Ella said Daniel allows her to choose most times and willingly concedes a debate.

What is your advice to the single and searching?

The couple advised singles to pray for someone that loves God first, and someone that values respect.

Where do you worship and who change worship centre for the other?

The couple say they are both practicing Catholics.

Who is most likely to subscribe to Netflix or see a new movie?

The couple say they are both mos likely to go see a new movie. A movie loving duo, this is a common attribute.

Who is most likely to suggest a new Traditional couple attire?

Ella said she is most likely to bring up the idea of new cultural wear.

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