Faith weds Douglas

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Meet Faith and Douglas Oditan, the newly wedded couple were joined in Holy matrimony at Faith and Fire Assembly, Jikwoyi, Abuja, on Saturday 9, September 2021. Mr. Douglas is a Public Servant and his beautiful wife is a Business Woman, they both hail from Edo State and reside in Abuja.

How did you meet?

(Douglas) We met through my colleague, who is also my wife’s Cousin

What attracted you to each other?

(Faith) Our personal Character was the factor that drew us together.

Who’s the better cook and what’s your best meal?

I cook better than my husband. We both enjoy eating Rice

What attribute do you share in common?

(Douglas) One of the things we share in common is the Love of God.

Who’s most likely to run to the gym?

(Faith) I am most likely to hit the gym.

Who is most likely to suggest going out together?

Since I’m more outgoing than my husband, I’m most likely to suggest going out.

Who first introduced the other to a family member?

I was first to introduce my wife to my family.

How did he propose and do you think he should have done it differently?

He proposed indoor but I wanted something more spectacular outdoor. (Laughs)

Describe your honeymoon and how long.

(Faith) We had some pleasant uninterrupted time together, however, we won’t consider it as a honeymoon.

What are your hobbies, turn-on and offs?

(Faith) I enjoy movies, gist and music. Funny enough, but Coldstone turns me on (lol). Lies, not caring, lack of attention turns me off. (Douglas) I like Reading. Lying is a turnoff while confidence is a turn on.

Who thinks of having the most kids?

My husband wants as many kids as possible.

What is your love language (the way you communicate with each other that others don’t understand)?

We don’t have one at the moment. And when we do, I don’t think we’ll share, because then, everyone will now know it.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a Public servant while my wife is a Business woman

Who keeps the most number of friends?

My wife is a socialite, so she keeps the most number of friends.

How long was your courtship/dating?

(Faith) We spent eight 8 month in courtship and dating.

Faith and Douglas Oditan

Mention the most memorable event that occurred during your courtship/dating aside the proposal?

(Wife) I was on a Date time out at Millenium park, Abuja. It was an unforgetable time (Laughs).

How do you resolve an argument between you two?

We quickly render apologies to ourselves.

Who is most likely to discipline the kids/family members?

My husband appears more likely to do so. He talks passionately about discipline.

Was there a moment you felt like quitting your relationship, if yes, what happened?

(Faith) Yes, I was under severe pressure with the wedding plans.

Who’s most likely to call or visit the in-laws?

(Faith) Interestingly, we don’t know which of us will call up the in-laws. Let’s say we don’t feel like bothering them. (Laughs)

How do you manage a situation that makes you angry?

(Douglas) We give it a silent treatment, and allow it pass quietly.

Who is the better lover (most likely to romantically knock the other out)?

I knock my husband out time and again.

Who is most likely to win a debate on what to buy?

I crush the debate. My husband can’t compete here.

What’s your advice to singles who are searching?

Don’t allow anyone to waste your time. Time is precious

Where do you worship (who change worship centre for the other)?

I moved from the Faith and Fire Ministry over to my husband’s church, House on The Rock.

What are your favourite colours, sports team and celebrity?

(Douglas) We share the following between ourselves, Yellow and green. Manchester united. Wyclef Jean and Dunsin Oyekan.

Who is most likely to see a new movie (and what’s your preference)?

I mentioned movies as part of my likes, foreign movie will do.

Who is most likely to suggest a new Traditional couple attire?

I am most like to get a Traditional attire than my husband, he’s more into corporate wears.

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